What is GRP (Glass fiber reinforced polyester)?

They are water tanks and water storage tanks made of glass fiber reinforced polyester material produced in modular parts. This high quality engineering product, which is very new in our country, is the best among water storage systems and is highly preferred.

Panels are manufactured in high tonnage presses and molds heated to 150° C. Thanks to the mold and manufacturing technology used, both sides of the panels produced are smooth, fully cured and durable.

GRP modular water tanks are produced according to EN 13280: 2001 quality management system. GRP Modular Water Tanks consist of panels, the ceiling, floor and side surfaces of which are completely manufactured by hot pressing method.

GRP panels have WRAS certificate which is recognized by the whole world.

Why Should We Choose GRP Water Tank?

  • Very long-lasting • Low weight
    • Corrosion resistant • No electrical conductivity
    • Low thermal conductivity • Dimensional stability
    • Resistant to UV rays • Hygienic compared to all other tanks.
    • Can be processed in a simple way • No recycling
    • No paint or maintenance required • Can be manufactured in all kinds of colors
    • Non-magnetic • Light transmittance can be provided
    • Chemical and combustion resistance can be increased • High carrying capacity