Dorumech Engineering; we operate in mechanical installation projects. Our fields of activity are Prismatic Modular Water Tanks (GRP, Chrome, Galvanized), Hydrophore Installation, Natural Gas Chimney Systems, Ventilation Systems. Dorumech Engineering, which continuously grows in its sector, targets continuous growth investments for the future and accepts being an indispensable alternative in its sector as continuity. Our company offers quality service to its customers with its wide range of products. With the increasing business potential, our company expanded its field of activity by engaging in heating, cooling, ventilation, Vrf systems mechanical installations and decided to institutionalize in 2015.

We began to serve in the sector by establishing Dorumech Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Company with a new structure. In order to respond to the increasing demand and expanding fields of activity, we established a young, dynamic, competitive and innovative team and took our place among the successful companies in our sector. Our company continues to serve with customer-oriented team organization and team work accordingly. Dorumech Engineering closely follows product quality, production capacities and technological developments. We regularly increase our work with the advantages we offer to our customers.